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Break Free From Depression, Anxiety and Other Life Struggles

Counseling can help you or your child have a more peaceful and fulfilling life…

If you are struggling with any of the issues below, Centered Mind Counseling can help…

quote-brownI have had the pleasure of knowing Paula for 12 years.  She has an exceptional ability to understand and connect with her clients. She stands out in her ability to eloquently work with those who are highly anxious.

In fact, after my patients meet with Paula sometimes I don’t even need to prescribe medication; or I have been able to reduce the amount of medication they have been taking. I can state confidently that I have no hesitation recommending Paula to my patients.”

-Jennifer Spence, M.D., Chief of Staff of Swedish Medical Center Issaquah

Anxiety Counseling for Adults

  • You worry a lot about the past or future.
  • You’re anxious, tense and unable to relax.
  • Your anxiety interferes with your sleep.
  • You have trouble making decisions.
  • You feel overwhelmed by the demands of your life.

Depression Counseling for Adults

  • You’re unhappy and discouraged about your life.
  • You’re your own worst critic.
  • You feel tired and unmotivated; at times helpless, and even hopeless.
  • Your thinking is foggy. You feel “blah”.
  • You want to have a better life, but you don’t have the energy to do so.

Anxiety Counseling for Children

  • Your child worries excessively.
  • Your child is insecure or needs constant reassurance.
  • Your child cries or is unhappy when they are away from you.
  • Your child struggles to socialize with peers.
  • Your child is irritable, moody and/or withdrawn.

Depression Counseling for Children

  • Your child is sad, depressed or moody.
  • Is acting out (not listening or cooperating).
  • Your child is struggling in school.
  • Your child has poor self-esteem.
  • Your child often complains of stomachaches, headaches, or has trouble sleeping.

Here’s How Counseling Can Help…

Life doesn’t come with a manual.  Therapy can help you overcome stress, anxiety and depression.

Peace of mind is possible.

Let our experts at Centered Mind Counseling Services help you or your child get relief from anxiety and depression.  Our therapy interventions are based on proven treatments that get results.

Our providers have extensive education (masters or doctoral degrees) and training most of our therapists have 10 years or more of post-graduate therapy experience. We have dedicated our careers to helping people like you and your child overcome stress, anxiety and depression.

PaulaHi, I’m Paula B. Johnson, Owner and Executive Director of Centered Mind Counseling Services

After 24 years in social services, more than 18 years of direct counseling experience, and my own life experiences, Centered Mind Counseling Services is a culmination of my life journey thus far.

Centered Mind Counseling Services is part of my over-arching mission to help others, while being able to reach more people in Issaquah and Sammamish, as well as the surrounding communities on the Eastside.

I am honored to do the work that I do. I love being a part of something so positive.  I know that psychotherapy works, and is an invaluable tool for growth, healing, new perspectives and change. Click here to read more about me.

quote-brownI frequently ask patients about the specialists I refer them to.  Over and over again I hear positive feedback and words of appreciation about Paula.  She is on my short list of top specialists, she is my ‘go to’ therapist.”

– Bruce Gardner, M.D., Swedish Issaquah Primary Care Physician

We are committed to working with you to facilitate the long-term changes that you need, want and desire.

Whether you want individual counseling, couples counseling, or family counseling, we can help.

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Together we can determine how our therapy services can help you.